Posted by: jinners101 | July 21, 2010

Flickr photos

Here are the photos I uploaded to Flickr. I found it quite easy to upload the photos to Flickr and to tag them. Didn’t manage to add to this blog via Flickr as could not get my blog address right! Will have to try again.

Posted by: jinners101 | March 26, 2010

Ramsey’s First Ramble

Watersmeet, Lynmouth and the East Lyn River

Well, here we are on our first ramble for Ramsey’s blog.

Hope you like the ‘arty’ shot – Ramsey is  a bit of a poser when it comes to cameras!

We went on a fantastic walk from Watersmeet to Lynmouth via Myrtle Berry Cleave.  A route of about 4 miles, which I thought was going to be a pleasant meander along the river bank. But oh no, the first direction in our trusty guide book ‘Classic Walks North & Mid Devon’ published by Cornwall & Devon Media, was to take a left up an incredibly steep path. And if that wasn’t enough, there were about 30 steps to clamber up after that!

Ramsey put me to shame by running up and down, down and up, waiting for me to get to the top. I’m pleased to say that the view at the summit made the puffing and panting (and that was me not Ramsey) worthwhile.

Despite being a little overcast,  the view across to Lynmouth was beautiful. We carried on for a couple of miles before descending into Lynmouth.



By this time, I was ready for a hearty lunch. Ramsey of course had been eating all the way from Watersmeet. He is particularly partial to that green sticky plant – you know, the one you used to throw at your mates’ backs at school. I’m sure one of you can supply me with its name?

We decided to stop at the Rock Hotel on the front for lunch as Ramsey had turned black with mud and the hotel had tables outside under the thatch. However, the friendly staff insisted that we bring him in, as it was cold and drizzly by this time. And very grateful we were too as the rain came down more heavily.

After a tasty fish pie (for me) and a Bonio (for Ramsey – yes I know that doesn’t sound very fair, but you should have seen how much he had eaten on the way), we set off along the river back to Watersmeet. The water was gushing over the rocks and we saw Dippers, Herons, Yellow Wagtails and Buzzards. In fact one Heron flew right over Ramsey and he didn’t even notice.

Ramsey enjoyed a swim in the icy waters and got himself clean.

We reached Watersmeet and the car just as the heavens opened and the rain teemed down. There is nothing quite like sitting in a steamed up car with the smell of wet dog wafting over you, looking at the rain running down the windscreen, as any fellow dog owners will know!

We have another, longer walk planned for Easter – will keep you posted.

Can anyone recommend any good walks? 4-6 miles is probably about enough, depending on the terrain and distance from N Devon.


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Hello 23 Things Blogging Buddies!

At last – I have started my blog. Having failed to come up with anything really witty and intelligent, I have decided to write my blog on behalf of my pet Labrador (reject Guide Dog) Ramsey. I had been toying with the idea of calling it a dogblog until I looked at some of the other blogs around and found that that wasn’t the original and clever play on words that I thought it was!

Obviously, being a Labrador, Ramsey enjoys nothing better than a doggy ramble every day, so I will try and bring you some of the highlights of our walks – from a human point of view rather than a dog’s as Ramsey is only interested in what he can find to eat along the way.